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Top 7 Benefits For Feeding Raw Food For Dogs

Updated: Oct 3

Top 7 Benefits For Feeding Raw Food For Dogs

Top 7 Benefits for Feeding Raw Food for Dogs

There are many potential benefits associated for feeding raw food diet for dogs instead of processed ones. There are several advantages that will come along when switching your dog to eating raw food diets including more energy levels and better overall health. In recent years, the top benefits of feeding raw food in dogs has been an emerging trend in the canine world.

Should you try the raw food diet?  Most people are now choosing to ‘go raw’ with their dogs and have found that there are many benefits associated with the raw food diet. Plant food, especially cooked food, contains carbohydrates which are not easily digestible for dogs. On the other hand, raw food diet contains many enzymes that help digestion and absorption of nutrients.

As your furry friend eats a meal, his stomach first produces acid to digest it by breaking down proteins into amino acids and fats into fatty acids. These acids can be harmful if there is too much of them, so the pancreas releases alkaline fluid which neutralizes these acids in the stomach. However, because cooked food lacks enzymes, amino acids and fatty acids remain undigested in the stomach causing gastric upset from the excessive acidity. As kibble sits in your dog’s stomach during digestion, it produces gas making him bloat and fart. The enzymes in raw food help properly break down fatty acids and amino acids, reducing the amount of acidity in your dog’s stomach. As a result, your pup will be less uncomfortable as he digests his meal.

As with all diets, it is necessary for your dog’s digestive system to get used to them.

Study found that dogs fed a raw food diet were less likely to develop allergic skin disease and had fewer instances of diarrhea when compared to dogs fed commercial kibble.

#1 – Improved Digestive Track

One of the main benefits of feeding raw food diets is that it will improve the overall condition and wellness in your dog’s digestive track. Because of the fact that raw food is very simply prepared it’s easier for your dog to digest.

This means that he will have fewer upsets such as diarrhea, vomiting and flatulence which can be a huge plus since dogs don’t like going through those problems. Instead, they prefer to eat their meals in peace and comfort and this one step that helps make them more comfortable!

Dogs can suffer from occasional indigestion or other stomach problems which can be attributed to a poor diet in their long-term health. Preventing these kinds of ailments from happening to your furry friend is just one more reason why you should switch over to feeding them raw meat, raw organ bones with fruits vegetables and essential vitamins included as well, depending on what you think they may need at that point in time. And don’t forget about bones now and then; they are great for building strong teeth and gums. Fruits vegetables contain beta carotene, minerals, and vitamins. They are also low in fat and high in fiber.

Dogs will have a lot of fun chewing on raw bones. They also provide for your dog’s natural teeth cleaning instinct and keeps him or her occupied for long periods of time.

#2 – Bonding Experience

There is a unique bonding experience between you and your dog once you start feeding them raw food diet. They will begin to learn what their place is in the “pack of their master” or at least, they are willing to accept that role so as not to jeopardize any type of rewards from you as well. It’s all about making sure that they feel needed by their owner, and this can be done through encouraging them to eat healthier for one thing.

But also, try to play games with them more often since animals love physical activity; it gives them an outlet for pent up energy as well as serves as a great way for both parties involved in this relationship to bond even more.

#3 – Healthy Skin and Coat

You will notice that your dog’s coat becomes shinier and healthier when you switch to feeding them raw food diet. There is just so much more nutrition found in these types of foods, especially fresh meats and vegetables which are often packed with lots of healthful vitamins and minerals including omega fatty acids, iron and calcium among many others. Just remember not to feed your pet too much Vitamin A since it can be toxic for dogs at certain levels; they don’t have the same tolerance level as humans do. But other than that, they should be fine.

#4 – Smarter Dogs

Owners report that their dogs seem smarter after switching them over to a raw dog’s diet instead of processed ones such as dry ones. The reason being that they are better able to think, feel and react to different types of situations where as before, it seemed like they were just standing there with a mind of their own.

You will also notice that your dog’s vision and sense of smell has improved dramatically along with more energy levels so be aware of them if you have little ones running around the house. However, these benefits can be attributed to the amazing nutrients found in raw food diet versus processed foods which is why it is best not to feed your dog something like table scraps; they may eat things that might make them sick later on such as bones and onions for example.

#5 – Better Stool Quality And Quantity

One other benefit associated with feeding dogs raw food diet is that it will firm up their stool. But you don’t want to go overboard with this one since too much fiber could cause it to become runny again instead of forming a nice ball like shape for easy removal from your yard as well as the house. Some owners have even reported that their dogs have lost weight after switching over to eating raw food diets; just remember not to feed them too many calories or meats that are high in fat content, otherwise they may gain some back again and then some!

#6 – Maintain Weight

This is also another benefit that can be associated with feeding dogs raw food diets because it’s easier than ever before. It’s important when training your new dog to be fed these types of foods on an ongoing basis that you don’t overfeed them so that they maintain their ideal weight. Raw meat can be a good choice if you’ve got the money for it since premium cuts of beef and chicken are rich in protein, especially the ones with bones; otherwise, look towards non-meat sources such as fruits and veggies so that your dog gets all of the nutrition that he needs to stay fit!

#7 – Less Gas!

Speaking of less gas, no one wants to hear or smell their dog fart! Well, just like with humans, the better your digestive system is working then the less likely it is that you’re going to have those types of problems. When you are raw feeding your dog they experience less gas as the food passes through their digestive system, due to less bacteria in the stomach. This is because the bacteria in dog food do not digest raw foods. Raw diet works, dogs who eat raw food are healthier than dogs who eat regular commercial dog food.

I hope you enjoyed reading Top 7 Benefits For Feeding Raw Food For Dogs, you may also enjoy reading The Benefits Of Probiotics For Your Dog.

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