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About Us

The Healing Power of Nature
for Your Pet

We offer premium CBD oil, organically grown and devoid of dangerous chemicals and pesticides.


Our CBD Oil Tinctures give you results quickly and easily. Our products are easy and safe, take day or night for your ideal serving of CBD. Our above-and-beyond lab tests and free shipping make Duke's Naturals products the perfect choice for your pet's CBD needs.


The Duke's Naturals Story

We adopted Duke when he was 10 months old. His previous owners neglected him, keeping him outside on a run lead for most of his day. Duke was nothing short of a train-wreck. He had absolutely no manners. He couldn't be walked. He couldn't be crate trained. He couldn't sit still for more than a few seconds. He would cry and stare at the door when we left the house. We knew that adopting and training Duke would be a challenge, but it would be a labor of love. 

Duke's vet recommended CBD to treat Duke's traditional separation anxiety. She confirmed that other patients had success with CBD for a host of other conditions. With CBD, our vet believed Duke would calm down and adjust to his new life with us.

We saw a tremendous improvement in Duke. We can tell that he is able to enjoy life more. He is more obedient, less anxious, and more fun loving. At the time we couldn't find Pet CBD brands that were transparent about the composition of their products. We wanted to confirm that the pet was getting the correct dosage of CBD and that the products were pure and THC free. We decided to start a pet CBD brand that provided the customer with Lab results of our products so that customers could trust that their pets were getting the premium, all natural, THC free CBD that they were promised.

Take a look at our product offerings and see how we can help your pet today.

Hugging a Puppy

Each Purchase is a Promise

At Duke's Naturals, we provide quality products and also just do good. With every purchase our customers make, we make a donation to a pet-related cause.


You read that right.


For every purchase you make, we will give $1. We rotate our donations and split them among causes, to help out in as many ways as we can. We do this continuously.

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